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Debian IS for the enterprise (Was: Debian Enterprise?)

Or it was once up on a time...

When I started with Debian GNU/Linux in '95 (became developer about a year
later) Debian GNU/Linux was the _only_ distribution that had some class!

It was _stable_ (that was the main 'feature'). It did not break, and upgrade
was quite simple (even though this was WAY before apt!).

So the discussion on 'forking' the project to a separate distribution to
provide 'enterprise' functionality is 'insulting'.

With this I mean that _DEBIAN_ should benefit on (and provide) all of this.
Give DEBIAN all those benefits and enhancements instead of forking...

It have been discussed before, I know, but I still find this a problem.
Debian is _WAY_ to big! We don't NEED 8000 packages!! On my main server
(which is also a 'user server' - imap, pop, mail, shell and what not) I
have 1155 packages installed. On my workstation at home 447...

So anyone talking about 'forks' and 'sub-projects' etc could take all that
crud and make a 'MegaDebian - everything that fits on a (huge) disk' distribution...

And removing all that crap (I call it crap because that's what I think it is!)
will make releases smoother and go quicker...

The idea to make packages (slowly) migrate from unstable to testing and then
to stable is a nice idea, but I think it's proven by now that that didn't
work as intended (and I'm part of that flaw, I know!).
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