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Re: Debian IS for the enterprise (Was: Debian Enterprise?)

On 20 Nov 2003 09:49:16 +0100
Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@debian.org> wrote:

> It have been discussed before, I know, but I still find this a
> problem. Debian is _WAY_ to big! We don't NEED 8000 packages!! On my
> main server(which is also a 'user server' - imap, pop, mail, shell and
> what not) I have 1155 packages installed. On my workstation at home
> 447...
> So anyone talking about 'forks' and 'sub-projects' etc could take all
> that crud and make a 'MegaDebian - everything that fits on a (huge)
> disk' distribution...
> And removing all that crap (I call it crap because that's what I think
> it is!) will make releases smoother and go quicker...

I really doubt that; I think the majority of the packages you call crap
don't have huge dependencies or are heavily dependent upon. Unless of
course you call things like glibc, perl, gcc or the base of gnome and
kde crap that is.

grts Tim

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