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Re: 10.10 planning base-installer_1.204_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Re: Bug#729699: debian-installer: apt-setup/multiarch argument amd64 isn't numeric in multiplication debconf-apt-progress Bug#820838: os-prober: 40grub2 does not handle multiple initrd paths Bug#927557: marked as done (Updating the udpkg Uploaders list) Bug#934713: os-prober: missing dependency on mount Bug#973733: RTW88_8821ce module fails to find firmware during install and must be reloaded Bug#985853: marked as done (debian-installer: Whitespace before a commented line in preseed file causes line to be parsed) Re: Bug#986001: buster-pu: package glib2.0/2.58.3-2+deb10u3 Bug#987368: Installer fails at first menu "Choose language" Bug#987368: marked as done (Installer fails at first menu "Choose language") Bug#987441: bug in Debian 11 RC Installer Bug#987441: Krita Bug#987701: marked as done (installation-reports: installation failed on Linkstation Pro: Out of memory during partitioning) Re: Bug#988442: unblock: linux/5.10.40-1 Re: Bug#988830: [pre-approval] unblock e2fsprogs Re: Bug#988830: [pre-approval] unblock e2fsprogs [Was: Bug#987641: e2fsprogs: FTBFS on armel/armhf with a 64-bit kernel] Re: Bug#989279: unblock: klibc/2.0.8-6.1 Bug#989280: The issue is also triggered by http -> https redirect Re: Bug#989421: unblock: libgcrypt20/1.8.7-6 Re: Bug#989422: buster-pu: package libgcrypt20/1.8.4-5+deb10u1 Bug#989467: add dead_breve to English (Dvorak, alt. intl.) Bug#989473: choose-mirror: switch mirror list from salsa to mirror-master Bug#989510: debian-installer: Successfull installation Bug#989516: installation-reports: successful install after manually adding some modules Bug#989552: [patch] expand description of --variant Bug#989593: installation report Raspberry Pi 4 UEFI Bug#989619: task-kde-desktop: Wrong wallpaper installed on clean installation of Bullseye (Desktop & Lock) Bug#989724: debootstrap: `--extra-suites=A,B` not showing up in `/etc/apt/sources.list` Bug#989806: installation-reports Bug#989863: debian-installer: Firmware problems in bullseye Bug#989884: isenkram-cli: isenkram-autoinstall-firmware doesn't find any firmware packages Bug#989895: installation-reports Bug#989987: installation-report Bullseye rc2 Bug#990038: RM: debian-installer-10-netboot-* [all] -- RoM; NBS; old binaries Bug#990060: installation-reports Re: Bug#990065: unblock: squid-deb-proxy/0.8.15+nmu1 Bug#990112: installation-report: 10.10.0-amd64-DVD-1 booted in Xen PV mode Bug#990161: installation-reports: insistat on partman-auto/disk if more than one disk present Re: Bug#990186: unblock: pcmciautils/018-13 Bug#990190: Debian installer 10.10 for ARM64 fails to boot on QEMU (Synchronous Exception at 0x0000000078465288) Bug#990190: marked as done (Debian installer 10.10 for ARM64 fails to boot on QEMU (Synchronous Exception at 0x0000000078465288)) Bug#990268: busybox: incorrect handling of output error for various BusyBox commands Bug#990446: installation-reports: Bullseye RC 2 Installer Success cdrom-detect_1.95_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable cdrom-retriever_1.56_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable choose-mirror_2.111_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable clock-setup_0.153_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Debian Installer Bullseye RC 2 release Debian-boot, look forward to our cooperation! 06/25/2021 14:42:02 #H7YdjYOX # debian-installer-netboot-images_20190702+deb10u10_source.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new debian-installer-netboot-images_20190702+deb10u10_source.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new, proposed-updates debian-installer-netboot-images_20210606+fixed1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-installer-netboot-images_20210606_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-installer_20190702+deb10u10_source.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new debian-installer_20190702+deb10u10_source.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new, proposed-updates debian-installer_20210606_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debootstrap download-deb-list where Failure installing Debian Buster from netboot.tar.gz. Kernel not matching repository. Re: Finding a tentative bullseye release date Gecos... gecos? Because because!!!! grub-installer_1.179_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable How does the debian development team build Root Filesystems with Desktop UI Support? installation-guide_20210604+rebuild_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable installation-guide_20210604_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Installer annoyance - a bug? Re: Installer annoyance - a bug? [SOLVED - loop mount .iso images] jigdo Linux freeze netcfg_1.174_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable partman-base_216_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Re: Pending translation updates for d-i Please dak copy-installer 20210606 Processed (with 1 error): Re: Bug#820838: os-prober: 40grub2 does not handle multiple initrd paths Processed: block 838177 with 820838 Processed: block 987441 with 989863 Processed: block 989863 with 989884 Processed: Bug#987368 marked as pending in udpkg Processed: Re: Bug#934713: os-prober: missing dependency on mount Processed: Re: Bug#989467: add dead_breve to English (Dvorak, alt. intl.) Processed: tags 973733 patch Processed: unmerging 820838, reassign 820838 to os-prober ... Processing of base-installer_1.204_source.changes Processing of cdrom-detect_1.95_source.changes Processing of cdrom-retriever_1.56_source.changes Processing of choose-mirror_2.111_source.changes Processing of clock-setup_0.153_source.changes Processing of debian-installer-netboot-images_20190702+deb10u10_source.changes Processing of debian-installer-netboot-images_20210606+fixed1_source.changes Processing of debian-installer-netboot-images_20210606_source.changes Processing of debian-installer_20190702+deb10u10_source.changes Processing of debian-installer_20210606_source.changes Processing of grub-installer_1.179_source.changes Processing of installation-guide_20210604+rebuild_source.changes Processing of installation-guide_20210604_amd64.changes Processing of netcfg_1.174_source.changes Processing of partman-base_216_source.changes Processing of s390-dasd_0.0.71_source.changes Processing of udpkg_1.20_source.changes Re: Request for weblate usage in installation-guide Japanese translation (was Re: Request for weblate usage in d-i Japanese translation) s390-dasd_0.0.71_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Re: Speed up installation: activate eatmydata-udeb by default and include eatmydata package in /pool udpkg_1.20_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Upcoming stable point release (10.10) Re: We'd love to work with your brand ! 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