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Re: debootstrap download-deb-list where


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cheng wensui <chengws@outlook.com> (2021-06-06):
> I installed  debootstrap,(sudo debootstrap  --arch=amd64 stable  /home/xxx/Documents https://xxx.org/xxx)
> but I cannot find download-deb-list   ,not here /usr/share/debootstrap/  ,where is it ??
> Please help me, thanks 

The tip is hidden in the manpage:

              Name  of  the  bootstrap  script variant to use.  Currently, the
              variants supported are minbase,  which  only  includes  required
              packages  and  apt;  buildd,  which installs the build-essential
              packages and fakechroot, which  installs  the  packages  without
              root  privileges.  The default, with no --variant=X argument, is
              to create a base Debian installation with all packages of prior‐
              ity required and important, including apt.

So there's no explicit list, debootstrap looks at the contents of the
Packages file, looking at the Priority field.

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