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Re: Speed up installation: activate eatmydata-udeb by default and include eatmydata package in /pool


I'm writing here to share my experience with eatmydata in the debian-installer.

I was installing Debian 10 on a USB stick.  The PC has a USB 2.0 port
and the stick's writing speed is about 4.6 MiB/s.  I did not measure
the installation time precisely, but I'm sure it took at least 6 hours
to complete
with an LXQt desktop and an Apache server.

I installed manually eatmydata, libeatmydata1 and eatmydata-udeb
on the installer's filesystem, by extracting the contents of the archives
to their right locations.  I do not remember using anna-install to install
the udeb, I don't know if it would make a difference.
Also, I used the normal DVD-1 ISO image, without eatmydata in it.

I would recommend you to try to install Debian using virtual machine, installing it from the patched ISO files: https://bitbucket.org/ValdikSS/debian-iso-fastinstall/src

Already patched ISOs are available here: ftp://serv.valdikss.org.ru/Downloads/Linux%20ISOs/Debian%20ISO%20FastInstall/

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