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Bug#973733: RTW88_8821ce module fails to find firmware during install and must be reloaded

Cyril, et al,

> Feel free to try and verify that manually, and maybe try reloading in
> the other order, and/or unload both first, and reload afterwards.

Thank you for your advice!  Although I did not follow it ...

"modprobe (-r) rtw88_8821ce" (removes) adds the following eight modules:
  * cfg80211
  * libarc4
  * mac80211
  * rfkill
  * rtw88_8821c
  * rtw88_8821ce
  * rtw88_core
  * rtw88_pci
The only secondary modules I can think of to experiment with would be
Bluetooth-related, but none were loaded in the first place.

Instead, I tried the Bullseye RC 2 release of the installer
(with firmware) three more times, all successfully:

What was different about the failed first effort?
  * It took me more than three minutes to enter the WPA2 passphrase
  * "INFO: buf = wpa_state=INTERFACE_DISABLED" in syslog every 5s

These are possible causes of general RTL8192CE problems,
which I rank from most likely to least likely:
  1) RTL8821CE driver quality
  2) Active State Power Management (disable_aspm?)
  2) Message Signalled Interrupts  (disable_msi?)
  3) 2.4 vs 5 GHz conflict
  4) Bluetooth vs Wireless conflict
  5) Phase of the moon

Here are my conclusions:
  1) My patch will help in cases where the module name is
     different than the driver name (mostly Realtek)
  2) The RTL8821CE driver is flaky
  3) Network configuration problems are unrelated to hw-detect
     and could be addressed in netcfg, perhaps by restarting WPA

I hope some people experiencing the original problem can test my patch.

Thank you!
Daniel Lewart
Urbana, Illinois

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