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Re: Bug#988830: [pre-approval] unblock e2fsprogs [Was: Bug#987641: e2fsprogs: FTBFS on armel/armhf with a 64-bit kernel]

Control: tags -1 = confirmed d-i

Hi Theodore,

Sorry it took so long.

On 20-05-2021 19:40, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
> That patch is rather long, but it's all mostly of the form:
> -	tail = (struct ext4_fc_tail *)ext4_fc_tag_val(tl);
> +	memcpy(&tail, ext4_fc_tag_val(tl), sizeof(tail));
> So the risks are very low.

As I can't judge this myself, I'll take your word for it. If the upload
can happen in the next couple of days, let's have this in unstable and
if nothing is reported, have it in bullseye.

Let's leave out the rest.


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