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Re: How does the debian development team build Root Filesystems with Desktop UI Support?

On Wed, Jun 02, 2021 at 02:58:23PM +0900, Yuichi Tsujiwaki wrote:
> Hi, how does the debian development team create rootfs with a GUI?

AFAIK  not

> If you're using multistrap, could you please tell me where the config file
> is?
> I'm looking for a procedure to create a minimal Debian OS Root Filesystems
> with Desktop UI.

Do known there is in Debian the package `debos`

  Description: Debian OS builder
   debos is a tool to make creation of various Debian based OS "images"
   simpler. While most other tools focus on specific use-case, debos is
   more meant as a toolchain to make comon actions trivial while providing
   enough rope to do whatever tweaking that might be required behind
   the scenes.


Geert Stappers
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