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Re: Installer annoyance - a bug?

On Sun, Jun 06, 2021 at 07:48:06AM -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:
> There is *functional/quality/?* difference between an install from a
> physical CD/DVD and from an "equivalent" flash drive.
> I have a very atypical use case:
>   1. internet is *not* available to support installation.
>   2. my goal is what I consider a minimalist GUI
> When I first used Squeeze:
>   1. an internet install was impractical as I was on dial-up.
>   2. physical CD/DVDs were readily available
>   3. after booting into a minimal command line system my custom
>      system could easily be installed using apt-get
> Although I now have high speed connectivity, my data cap is low enough to
> strongly discourage ANY installation related internet usage.
> I can easily install a command line system. BUT installing desired GUI
> components via apt-get is impossible because it searches for a
> *non-existent* physical CD/DVD.
> An install using a preseed file is possible but I find it cumbersome.
> Is there some way, during the initial installation, to drop to a terminal to
> specify additional packages to be installed. As preseeding can do
> essentially the same thing the required framework must exist.

Well to save bandwidth at home, you could use jigdo to download the first
bluray image and write that to a 32GB USB drive.  That should cover most
of the packages you are likely to ever want to install.  And it avoids
the 'swapping disks' that may not be as simple on a usb drive.

This is assuming you have somewhere you could go with lots of bandwidth
to run jigdo to download a 25GB image.

Len Sorense

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