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Bug#989467: add dead_breve to English (Dvorak, alt. intl.)


Joshua J. Cogliati, le ven. 04 juin 2021 07:35:08 -0600, a ecrit:
> diff -ur console-setup-1.200/Keyboard/ckb/symbols/us console-setup-1.200m/Keyboard/ckb/symbols/us
> --- console-setup-1.200/Keyboard/ckb/symbols/us	2020-05-10 05:02:58.000000000 -0600
> +++ console-setup-1.200m/Keyboard/ckb/symbols/us	2021-05-24 19:43:20.384032517 -0600

console-setup's ckb/ directory is merely a mirror of the xkb-data
content. Please submit your proposal to xkb-data itself, on


and it'll automatically get propagated to console-setup.


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