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Re: Mentoring Feedback

* martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2005:03:23 18:41 +0100]: 
> also sprach Meike Reichle <mrei0999@rz.uni-hildesheim.de> [2005.03.23.1819 +0100]:
> > That's why I said I wasn't sure whether I was a proper
> > mentoringing candidate. I know the mentoring program ist actually
> > aimed at people undertaking a distict project. So, if there is
> > someone who'd like to help me a bit on my way, I'd be happy. If
> > not, that's okay with me as well.
> I am speaking for myself. Maybe other mentors want to lead you.
> I take the position that you should do everything yourself or else
> there is no learning effect (or diminished).

Yeah, this is how a lot of people feel. I don't think it's wrong, but I
don't think it's a learning method that's entirely appropriate for everyone.
I know I feel more comfortable in a mentoring situation and I also learn
things a lot quicker that way -- brainstorming and having someone to ask
questions of are much more effective for me than reading long and boring
documentation. This is assuming things are well-documented, which is not
always the case.

> I guess the best thing to do for you is to start with reading the
> Debian policy and understand every thing there is. When you are
> done, my book will be out, and it will do the rest.

I just wanted to follow up and say that I don't recommend this approach
entirely. Policy is full of lots of useful information, but it's pretty
huge and possibly daunting, especially to a newbie.

IOW, it's good reading, but don't let it freak you out if you decide to
read it. Sections 1-5 are the most relevant for you (Meike) at the moment
though 5 may be pushing it.


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