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Re: Mentoring Feedback

Hi again

martin f krafft said/sagte:
> <shameless plug>
>   http://debianbook.info
> </shameless plug>
> ... you seem to be exactly the target audience.

Now, what a fortunate coincidence ;)
I'll definitely put it on my list.

> I am not sure about exactly what is expected from mentors, but you
> seem to want someone to lead you. Instead, maybe you should consider
> taking your own steps and asking specific questions to your mentor,
> or consult him/her for advice.

That's why I said I wasn't sure whether I was a proper mentoringing
candidate. I know the mentoring program ist actually aimed at people
undertaking a distict project. So, if there is someone who'd like to help
me a bit on my way, I'd be happy. If not, that's okay with me as well.


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