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Re: Mentoring Feedback

Hi everyone,

I am delighted that David and others have written out some of their experiences with the mentoring program as clearly, and I would very much like to hear how other people are going with it.

From my experience so far at coordinating it, I can say the following:

- 15 mentor-mentee assignments have so far been made. The main criteria for assigning a particular pair is what areas of Debian the mentee is most interested in learning about and contributing to.

- As far as I can tell, from the people I have spoken to (mostly the mentors rather than mentees, if only because they are more likely to be available on IRC), most of the assignments are going well.

- We still have several people available to mentor.

So, if anyone is interested in contributing to Debian and would like to be part of our mentoring program, please read the information on our website [1] contact me and I will assign you to a mentor who suits your interests.


1. http://women.alioth.debian.org/mentoring/

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