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Re: Mentoring Feedback

Hi Helen, hi all!

Just returned from a short tript through the country and I see the list
has been pretty busy :)

Helen Faulkner said/sagte:

> The mentoring program is open to anyone who is part of the Debian Women
> community.  At the moment there are a mixture of men and women involved
> as mentors and mentees.
> Basically, anyone reading this is welcome to contact us about getting
> involved in the mentoring program, either as a mentor or a mentee.  We
> have something to offer here and we wish to offer it to all interested
> people.

I would like to be a mentee, though I don't know if my case is "worth a
I am still far away from doing packaging and other dev stuff. So far I am
a rather experinced Unix admin and just trying to find my way around
Debian/Linux and it's many quirks and peculiarities :) So, what I'd be
interested in would be someone to "show me the way around Debian", how is
the system structured, how does packaging work, how is everything
organized, what's the philosophy behind it ... such stuff.

If there was someone interested in being my mentor I'd be really happy.
Otherwise I'll just have to dig into the docs and fry my system a few
more times to get some insight ;-)


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