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Re: [OT] Bad characters on e-mail headers (was iceape 1.0.9 and IPv6 compatibility)

El 11/06/11 13:07, Scott Ferguson escribió:
On 11/06/11 03:57, �  "the dark oracle" wrote:
On Sat, 11 Jun 2011 03:01:36 +1000, Scott Ferguson wrote:

On 11/06/11 01:02, � "the dark oracle" wrote:


Scott, let's see if this works: open Icedove and create a new folder
(name it "test" or "the dark oracle", at your wish...). Then copy here
(do not move but copy as we don't want to mangle nor lose your e-mails) a
bunch of my e-mails that show the bad character.

Then right-click over that folder and select "Properties". In the first
tab you will find an option for character encoding. If it is set to
"utf-8" change it to "iso-8859-1" (or viceversa, if it is set to
"iso-8859-1" set it to "utf-8"). Check "[x] Apply the default..." and
click "Accept" or "OK".

I tried that, and most of the available character encodings - none fixed
all of the weird characters. I also tried with "Apply default to all
messages in the folder (individual message character encoding settings
and auto-detection will be ignored)" unselected.

I asked you to test this because of this:

Wheezy, Icedove with utf-8 encoded folder:

Wheezy, Icedove with iso-8859-1 encoded folder (this is the default):

You see? I also get the black diamond but *only* when I force a utf-8 encoding for the folder it contains the messages and click on "apply default to all messages in the folder..." :-)

So... what is your default character encoding for the mail folders in Icedove?

I'm wondering if my use of localepurge and only the one locale
LANG="en_AU.UTF-8" LANGUAGE="en_AU:en" might be part of the problem.
To that end I'm reading up on locales and character encoding in Debian -
I'll then try a few variations in a VirtualBox machine, including trying
another email agent. It'll probably take a couple of days to find the
time - but I'll post my results when I resolve the issue.

Have you tried to load the offending message under Evolution or another MUA? If another e-mail client also loads the wrong character, you may be facing a system locale mess. If Evo loads it fine, then Icedove is the one to blame which ineed was my first suspect ;-)

(put drums here)


He, he... It was a kind of drum taps announcing an event :-)



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