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Re: [OT] Bad characters on e-mail headers (was iceape 1.0.9 and IPv6 compatibility)

On 10/06/11 02:01, Camaleón wrote:
> El 09/06/11 17:38, Scott Ferguson escribió:
>> On 10/06/11 00:16, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> (...)
>>> �
>>    ^ That's how Camaleón's name appears as the usually appears as sender
>> In this case there's four of them (black diamond with white question
>> mark when viewed as plain text UTF8 (my default viewing setting for this
>> list)
>>> �
>>> �
>>> �
> It seems you're also facing problems with another postings and not just
> mines... hum... curious.
>>> Has this impact to the header or just to the mail's body?
>> Just the mail body. When viewed as raw I see (so something is not right
>> with my settings!), and when viewed in gmail it's different characters
>> again.
>> =E4
>> =F6
>> =FC
>> =DF
> I would start thinking about Gmail's webmail.

Pass - I'm thinking about changing email clients, just as soon as I can
figure out how to keep all my email, and, what's causing the encoding

>>> Those incompatibilities are really annoying.
>> I can live with the lack of a name in the From field - as there's only
>> one BlackDiamondQuestion in the debian-users list :-)
> That's should be me :-)
>> It's the occasional email like earlier where his name appears nowhere in
>> the email - just the symbol. It's easy enough to get lost in threads and
>> attribute comments to the wrong people without having to workout who the
>> following is:-
>> "On 09/06/11 21:41, � wrote:"
> I feel like a phantom.

> (...)
>> I'm further confused now. Camaleón sent me a direct email using Mutt
>> 1.5.18 and UTF8 encoding. The From string in the header was:-
>> From: =?utf-8?B?Q2FtYWxlw7Nu?=<his@email>
>> Yet his name is now displayed in the From field in Icedove. I'm
>> presuming that's coming from my address book or somewhere because I
>> can't see it in the headers.
>> Doubly frustrating as I'm convinced it's at least partly my settings -
>> indecipherable symbols are an occasional problem - but it's consist with
>> the From string on the list, and it only affects him.
> Yep, I still fail to see a clear culprit in all this mess. 

I'm starting to think I know what's happening...
Your sender string is different to most other posters in that the
character encoding is part of the From field. I don't know how or where
that's happening.
The "?"s in the From field are separators.
eg. ?iso-8859-1?q?Camale=F3n?
The "ó" in your name is displayed on my system (definitely my problem)
as a blackdiamond character - in the raw it's "=F3n"
On my systems somehow the only part of "Camale=F3n" that stays in the
Sender string is the "=F3n". (parsing error)
My Icedove settings (I've checked on several machines) all display the
"=F3n" as a diamond. They all use en_AU UTF-8 as the system locale, some
use the kernel keymap, others the US. I use rsync to keep them
syncronized which would make the setting the same in each Icedove (I

> BTW, I'm she :-)

Yeah - that Lisi bloke told me. ;-p
That means I have to type an extra letter. Damn.
(actually it seemed like a girly name, but, I didn't want to make fun...)
Now I'm hoping Vivian, Shelly, Jules, and Misha aren't laughing too...

> (note: this one is posted from Icedove)

Blackdiamonds and the "=F" equivalents from earlier posts appear unchanged.
There are no black diamonds in From strings or the body.
It's just like all the other emails from the list!
(problem solved - just use Icedove!)

From: =?UTF-8?B?Q2FtYWxlw7Nu?= <emailaddress>
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8; format=flowed
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

> Greetings,

Thank you all for your input. I need some sleep, and a good think.
I might just set up another email client in a vbm tomorrow and feed it
with a temporary subscription. Try and isolate the possible causes.


Tuttle? His name's Buttle.
There must be some mistake.
Mistake? [Chuckles]
We don't make mistakes.

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