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Re: Community hostility [Was Recent spam increase]

Kent West wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

If people around here (and elsewhere) would quit treating Linux/GNU
project as if it were a religion, a political statement, a way to
change the world paradigm, a poke in the eye at the mythically evil
MicroSoft Empire, an end to capitalism as we know it, and a triumph
of the downtrodden masses over the evil rich in general, and treat it
as an Operating System and associated Support Programs we'd ALL
be better off.

I chose Debian years ago, and continue to do so, for its philosophical value as an OS, not for its technical value as an OS. So I'm not quite sure your statement here is accurate.

IMO, an OS does not have a philosophical value. It is a computer


The considerations which entered into your choice to use
an OS are a personal matter, and one which may be a valid
topic for discussion here, as to the merits of one
or other distro or OS. Certainly so. Especially to someone
who is still trying to make a decision about whether to
use Linux, or to use a particular distro, or is just curious.
But hate mail is not attractive, nor is religious fanaticism
about an OS or  distro, which is what I was trying to address.
I guess I didn't make that clear.

E.g., if one wants to discuss the merits of Linux vs. Windows,
then "I think you should use Linux because it will make Bill
Gates MAD! I want Microsoft to DIE! As long as you continue to
use Microsoft products, you are playing into their hands! We
need to KILL the EVIL EMPIRE NOW!" isn't a message which is good
for Linux, good for Debian, or good for the GNU project.

One which might be good, would be "I chose to use Linux, partly
so that there would be competition with the Microsoft products. I think
that the competition will be good for consumers, and probably make
the Microsoft product better, as well. I also like the idea that
I can get the source to the programs. If I use the Microsoft products,
and they decide to drop support, then I have no recourse. With
open source, I can continue to do my own support, or contract for
it, if need be."

Perhaps that illustrates what I'm talking about.

I once commented here that I loaded Linux on my machine because I
landed a software development/support contract, and was requested
by my employer to do so. I was told, in very bold, explicit terms,
that people like me, who loaded Linux for MERCENARY reasons (all
caps were used as you see here) were not welcome here, and I should
leave. So I pretty much did. I had had enough.

Instead of being happy that Linux was making inroads into some
commercial areas, and expanding its influence, the fellow was incensed
that anyone would actually make any money from loading Linux. He acted
as if he hoped that Linux never displaced any Microsoft installations at
any company. One would think the hopes would be that Linux would do
exactly that. But his emotions clouded this thinking.

Perhaps that also illustrates what I'm talking about.

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