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Re: Recent spam increase

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> The goal is to mix mail. And yes, Mutt can't do that when dealing
> with multiple accounts (they all appear in a separate mailbox).

    Not true, mutt excels at mixing mail to the point where it is utterly
incapable of doing so without forcing the user to go to extraordinary lengths
to keep their mail untangled.  Hence my pointing out that modern mail clients
can keep mail separate and cited mutt as an example of one that manifestly cannot.

> But that's not the problem. The main one could be that some mail
> accounts do not have backups or have a limited size. And I don't
> know any MUA that can magically remove the size limit.

    True.  That's the one thing I had not thought of since I personally
haven't been under space constraints in decades.

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