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Re: Recent spam increase

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Yes, in a perfect world. But one may have several mail accounts.
> So, one may want to retrieve mail from one account by POP or IMAP
> and store it to an IMAP mailbox (from which all the mail from
> every account is read with a MUA).

    Er... why?  That's why modern mail clients (read, not mutt) handle
multiple accounts from multiple servers.  Back when I was running OS/2 and
PMMail/2 (late 90s) I had 4 accounts I checked regularly with POP and I never
mixed them and loathed clients that forced a mixing of mail.  It didn't do
IMAP so I had to carry my mail around with me on a ZIP disc.  Today with IMAP
and clients that speak proper IMAP (Thunderbird and Evolution[1] so far) one
can just set up the client to check several accounts and once and leave the
mail in place.

[1] Even though it still refuses to talk IMAPS with dovecot.

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