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Re: Recent spam increase

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Not just MUAs do IMAP. MDAs can do it too. And procmail is also a
> MDA (according to its documentation). However procmail is no longer
> developed and is too old to support IMAP. But couldn't mailagent
> support IMAP via a Perl module?

    Er... how and why?  I'm really confused on where IMAP and MDAs ever meet.
 The normal chain is like this:

MTA->MDA->Mail Store->IMAP->MUA

    For your statement to be meaningful the MDA would have to be moved between
IMAP and MUA.  I just don't ever see an MDA there nor can I fathom a reason
for it to be there.  Unless someone is using Fetchmail on an IMAP store.  In
that case it goes something like:

MTA->MDA->Mail Store->IMAP->Fetchmail->MTA->MDA->MUA

    Of course this gets into the whole debate on fetchmail treating IMAP as a
glorified POP and we're back to where we're started, IE, the MDA isn't
speaking IMAP.

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