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Re: Recent spam increase

T.J. Duchene wrote:
> Granted, several of the new MUAs aka "mail clients" or more precisely
> "mail user agents" have some very primitive filtering capabilities, but
> ladies and gentlemen, the most practical mail filtering or sorting is
> almost always done server side before your MUA even gets the mail.

    "Almost always" doesn't count much when it comes to a Linux crowd.

> My humble advice to those who care...learn to use SpamAssassin (or some
> other milter), procmail, ClamAV or even MailScanner (for the opensource
> server admin crowd).

    Or, hey, ditch the who "server" paradigm completely!

> Don't expect Outlook, Thunderbird, Mutt, Pine, or even Evolution to do
> anything more than simple blob sorts or spam checking.

    You mean like Thunderbird having a built-in Bayesian scanner which catches
spam my rather tight SA install lets slip through?  Amazingly most of it here
on d-u.

    Or that it has anti-scam filters built in that catch what SA and clamav
let slip through?

    Or the fact that Sylpheed-claws and KMail both have for some time had
hooks for SA scanning?

    Or that Sylpheed-claws has hooks for ClamAV scanning?

    Oh, er, sorry, you were telling us unwashed non-mail admins about these
"primitive" things called MUAs.  Carry on.

         Steve C. Lamb         | Former Mail Admin for an ISP.
       PGP Key: 8B6E99C5       | So glad to be rid of my Bat Book.

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