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Re: More questions about T-bird (was Re: Problem with T-bird (was ...))

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Steve Lamb wrote:
> s. keeling wrote:
>> You:           * 3 *
>     Uh, no.  That's called industry standard.  The buttons are numbered in the
> order that they appeared.  We had a one button mouse, then a 2 button mouse
> and then a 3 button mouse.  The 2nd button went to the right of the first
> hence RMB vs LMB and it is also button number 2.  The third button to appear
> was in the center, so it is button number 3.  4/5 appeared at the same time
> and are on a rocker to the side.  4 foward, 5 back.
>     Sorry that I'm following industry standard convention on this one but
> don't blame me.  Blame the 20 or so years of mouse development.

North Carolina State University, the National Center for Atmospheric
Research & GNOME agree with s.keeling.


    The mouse attached to a Unix workstation has three buttons. Each
    button does something different. Let's start by giving each
    button a name. First, position the mouse so that the cord is at
    the top.

        * MB1 (mouse button 1) is the left button.
        * MB2 (mouse button 2) is the middle button.
        * MB3 (mouse button 3) is the right button.


    All references to mouse buttons are in respect to a 3-button
    right-handed mouse:

        * MB1 (mouse button 1) is the left button.
        * MB2 (mouse button 2) is the middle button.
        * MB3 (mouse button 3) is the right button.

    If you are using a left-handed mouse, MB1 is the right button
    and MB3 is the left-button.


    "Most GNOME documents assume that you are using a standard (for
    UNIX) 3-button mouse. It is common to refer to mouse buttons by
    numbers: MB1, MB2, MB3. If you are using a usual 3-button mouse,
    then MB1 is left,  MB2 is middle, and MB3 is left; if you are
    using    2-button mouse, MB1 is left, MB3 is right, and you can
    emulate MB2 by simultaneously pressing left and right mouse
    buttons. If you are using a wheel mouse, the wheel plays the
    role of MB2,
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