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Re: More questions about T-bird (was Re: Problem with T-bird (was ...))

s. keeling wrote:
> You:           * 3 *

    Uh, no.  That's called industry standard.  The buttons are numbered in the
order that they appeared.  We had a one button mouse, then a 2 button mouse
and then a 3 button mouse.  The 2nd button went to the right of the first
hence RMB vs LMB and it is also button number 2.  The third button to appear
was in the center, so it is button number 3.  4/5 appeared at the same time
and are on a rocker to the side.  4 foward, 5 back.

    Sorry that I'm following industry standard convention on this one but
don't blame me.  Blame the 20 or so years of mouse development.

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