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More questions about T-bird (was Re: Problem with T-bird (was ...))

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Ron Johnson wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-05-12 at 16:35 -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:
>> Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> Even sub-folders?
>>     Not sure, never had a server that did subfolders so never really cared.
>> OTOH I did care that I tried prior to Thunderbird seemed capable of storing
>> sent mail on the server.  Seemed dumb to me to force local folders for sent
>> mail, drafts and other such storage when one might just want to have access to
>> them from more than one client.
>>     So far in my recent tests (I'm a glutton for punishment) only Evolution
>> and Thunderbird seem capable of using IMAP in that fashion and Evolution fails
>> since it doesn't seem to talk IMAPS.
> After reading how much you like T-bird, I installed it and tried
> it.  However, it does not let me use sendmail as the outgoing
> email method.  That's... unbelievable.

Ok, I'm using T-bird now, since I'm trying out XFce4.  But there are
a couple of things that Evo does that I can't find in T-bird.

Q1. How do you use a executable .signature (fortune, etc)?

Q2. I get my mail from an IMAP store that uses server-side
    filtering.  How do I tell T-bird to scan all folders for new
    mail?  Clicking on every folder gets old.


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