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Mail Issues (pt 2 )

Thought I would re-explain myself

Regarding Mail,
What I wanted to do, if possible,
is to have the mail fetch from pop3 accounts (several) ( thousands ) avg 2800 per day and have spam filters applied and rules applied, and move into folder, as pure text messages,
with header intact.

This would be the first step.

The Second Step,
is to have a some kind of reader,
that can index, those messages, in those folder,
so that I can reply or delete, or add to address book.
basic mail features.

( please no thunderbird )

Aagain, we lost a very large .mbox file with over 255,000 emails.
we don't want any kind of (db) box format, just plain text.
(sql) would be okay.

Thanks +++

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