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Re: Mail Issues (pt 2 )

On May 12, 2006, at 11:03 AM, Richard wrote:

Thought I would re-explain myself

Regarding Mail,
What I wanted to do, if possible,
is to have the mail fetch from pop3 accounts (several) ( thousands ) avg 2800 per day and have spam filters applied and rules applied, and move into folder, as pure text messages,
with header intact.

If I understand correctly:
A straightforward fetchmail -> exim4/spamassassin configuration using Maildir format should handle this without difficulty. I handle ~1K messages per day with just such a setup. I handle the sorting with .forward rules, though I suppose you could also use exim4 pipe/process filters or an external ''delivery agent'' for more sophisticated filtering. (I hope I have the terminology right)

I'd first setup and test exim4 and spamassassin, then configure fetchmail to feed exim4 from the popboxes.

What you're doing differently is that you're _keeping_ the messages (255K of them) whereas I purge any mailboxes with >10K messages. If you choose to use Maildir, I'd advise that you configure your system to limit the number of messages maintained in a particular directory. I think funny things can happen on ext2 filesystems when directory nodes contain >2^15 entries.

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