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Re: More questions about T-bird (was Re: Problem with T-bird (was ...))

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Steve Lamb wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>> Q1. How do you use a executable .signature (fortune, etc)?
>     *shrug*  Never saw the appeal myself.  If ya need more than one or two
> pithy little sayings at the end of your messages then ya have too much
> time on your hands.  :)

Write the script once, add pithy little sayings to the data file as
you find/hear them.  Doesn't take much time...

>> Q2. I get my mail from an IMAP store that uses server-side
>>     filtering.  How do I tell T-bird to scan all folders for new
>>     mail?  Clicking on every folder gets old.
>     RMB on the folder, properties, click "check for new mail" or some such. 
> Using Squirrelmail right now so can't tell you the exact terminology.

Thanks, found it.

But now I've got to do this for *every* folder?????  Yech.

I guess I understand why they did it, since it then does not have to
check big, old "archive" folders.
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