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And it didnt awffull_3.10.2-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable bc_1.06.95-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable bc_1.06.95-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Bestel uw koffie(bonen) online - gratis cadeau vanaf 4kg - gratis verzending Bug#263254: marked as done (python-scientific: Scientific.IO.PDB does NOT keep CONNECT infomations) Bug#270930: marked as done (python-scientific: Scientific/Geometry/ not pychecker clean) Bug#350109: marked as done (python-scientific: leastSquaresFit function fitting problems) Bug#379745: marked as done (python-scientific: Scientific.Geometry.Vector is not copy construtable) Bug#449901: marked as done (lightspeed: debian/watch fails to report upstream's version) Bug#458034: marked as done (python-scientific: leastSquaresFit does not work with 3-tuple data points) Bug#458647: marked as done (awffull unable to use geoIP database) Bug#461272: marked as done (lightspeed declares relation to ttf-bitstream-vera) Bug#467641: marked as done (awffull: Cron job error mail when Apache is not installed) Bug#482168: marked as done (awffull: Awffull cron job chatty.) Bug#483787: songwrite: New version available upstream Bug#485799: marked as done (NMU diff for FTGL transition) Bug#491538: marked as done (python-scientific: Scientific.Geometry.Transformation.Rotation crashes when initialized with a Vector) Bug#496931: amanda-client: amrecover should prompt for passwords when using amcrypt-ossl-asym (and other encryption plugins) Bug#515071: marked as done (awffull: Awffull failes to render fonts in graphs because paths for fonts are wrong) Bug#536792: marked as done (tcpflow: support for vlans) Bug#536835: marked as done ((awffull_3.8.2-1.1/avr32): FTBFS: Outdated config.{sub,guess}) Bug#565813: marked as done (Fwd: /etc/cron.daily/awffull - suggestion) Bug#611047: marked as done (dir outbound) Bug#634714: marked as done (qpxtool: debian/control uses hardcoded list of kFreeBSD architectures) Bug#636212: marked as done (Displaying timestamps would be nice) Bug#636922: marked as done (outbound broken) Bug#648127: marked as done (qpxtool: FTBFS with libpng 1.5) Bug#649787: marked as done (lightspeed: FTBFS: snapshot.c:308:7: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type) Bug#651502: marked as done (ImportError: No module named Scientific_numerics_package_id) Bug#658850: libreadline-gplv2-dev: "Multi-Arch: same" but examples/Makefile differs across architectures Bug#658850: marked as done (libreadline-gplv2-dev: "Multi-Arch: same" but examples/Makefile differs across architectures) Bug#662274: marked as done (awffull: Please Build-Depends on libpng-dev, change from libpng12-dev) Bug#662418: marked as done (lightspeed: Please Build-Depends on libpng-dev, change from libpng12-dev) Bug#662481: marked as done (qpxtool: Please Build-Depends on libpng-dev, change from libpng12-dev) Bug#665680: marked as done (awffull: Suppress output "Graph Done!") Bug#670028: marked as done (libreadline-gplv2-dev: arch-dependent files in multiarch: same package) Bug#681784: marked as done (Please support multiarch:foreign) Bug#691481: marked as done (zile: Dangling symlink and missing example) Bug#691851: using logrotate hint Bug#701421: marked as done (zile: ftbfs with eglibc-2.17) Bug#704624: Build fails to use -ffreestanding Bug#704724: openbox-session(1) refers to files Bug#704745: oidentd: gives invalidly formatted response (according to PostgreSQL) Bug#705381: phoronix-test-suite: Incorrectly states that 3D acceleration support is not available and refuse to run on Hybrud graphics (Muxed dual gpu intel ATI) Bug#705468: libytnef: Buffer overflow (CVE-2010-5109) Bug#705473: thttpd: HTTP Header Content-Type: missing MIME detection for 3GP video (and many others) Bug#705623: /sbin/audisp-prelude: audisp-prelude fails to run except manually Bug#705793: openbox: gdm-control fails to execute Bug#706101: Bug#706292: Acknowledgement (qpid-python: python can't import qpid) Bug#706101: Do not just rush to remove the package please Bug#706101: License problem with qpid-python Bug#706292: Acknowledgement (qpid-python: python can't import qpid) Bug#706292: Bug#706101: Bug#706292: Acknowledgement (qpid-python: python can't import qpid) Bug#706412: apps don't run in blackbox over xdmcp But not feeling brash But nothing did But we didnt wait CHAPTER XXI chrony_1.26-3_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Everything was all right now Exclusief Seminar! Speechen met Impact en Frank Segers. Beperkt aantal plaatsen ... Digital Photo Editing Services - Photo Cutout - Photo Retouching Photo Retouching Services - Photo Cut Out gdome2_0.8.1+debian-5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable I DIDNT nuther It was a village jython_2.5.2-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable libconstantine-java_0.7-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable libieee1284_0.2.11-11_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable libvigraimpex_1.9.0+dfsg-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED into experimental libvigraimpex_1.9.0+dfsg-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED into experimental lightspeed_1.2a-9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable lomoco_1.0.0-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable mcs_0.7.2-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Fwd: Motif No, nobody, says they Overtuigend spreken en presenteren. Schrijf nu nog in met vroegboekkorting ... pppconfig_2.3.20_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Processed: found 701313 in 1.9.0+dfsg-1 Processed: Re: amanda-client: amrecover should prompt for passwords when using amcrypt-ossl-asym (and other encryption plugins) Processed: Re: libreadline-gplv2-dev: "Multi-Arch: same" but examples/Makefile differs across architectures Processed: severity of 696762 is wishlist Processed: tagging 701421, tagging 691481, tagging 705816 Processed: tagging as pending bugs that are closed by packages in NEW Processed: unarchiving 658850 Processed (with 1 errors): your mail Processing of awffull_3.10.2-2_amd64.changes Processing of bc_1.06.95-5_amd64.changes Processing of bc_1.06.95-6_i386.changes Processing of chrony_1.26-3_amd64.changes Processing of gdome2_0.8.1+debian-5_amd64.changes Processing of jython_2.5.2-2_i386.changes Processing of libconstantine-java_0.7-4_i386.changes Processing of libieee1284_0.2.11-11_amd64.changes Processing of libvigraimpex_1.9.0+dfsg-1_i386.changes Processing of libvigraimpex_1.9.0+dfsg-2_i386.changes Processing of lightspeed_1.2a-9_amd64.changes Processing of lomoco_1.0.0-1_amd64.changes Processing of mcs_0.7.2-3_i386.changes Processing of pppconfig_2.3.20_amd64.changes Processing of qpid-python_0.16+repack-1_amd64.changes Processing of qpxtool_0.7.1.002-6_amd64.changes Processing of readline5_5.2+dfsg-2_amd64.changes Processing of spamprobe_1.4d-12_i386.changes Processing of units_1.88-2_amd64.changes Processing of zile_2.3.21-2_i386.changes Processing of zvbi_0.2.33-7_amd64.changes qpid-python_0.16+repack-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable qpxtool_0.7.1.002-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable readline5_5.2+dfsg-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable readline5_5.2+dfsg-2_amd64.changes REJECTED spamprobe_1.4d-12_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable There warnt a sound anywheres Till one oclock, mind? no longer units_1.88-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Profitez d'un mois d'éssai sur notre offre de départ bureau 24 WCO Knowledge Academy for Customs and Trade 2013 Why, looky here zile_2.3.21-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable zvbi_0.2.33-7_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable The last update was on 17:45 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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