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Bug#706101: Do not just rush to remove the package please


Considering that:

1/ this package comes from:

which leads me to believe that it is very unlikely that the author wish
to release some non-free work. If there is a license problem, then it is
very likely that it will be fixed, and the license clarified.

2/ in specs/LICENSE we can see 2 license, Apache-2.0 and AMQP, which
leads me to believe that the intention is that the files under specs/*
are licensed under a dual-license,

then I don't think it is reasonable to just rush so fast to remove this

If there really is a problem with this package, then it will go away,
that's for sure. But please allow a reasonable delay so that we get
enough time to get in touch with upstream author to clarify the
situation. The release of Wheezy in few days is *not* a valid reason to
just blindly remove the package without trying to understand what went
on, or to cleanly fix the problem. We had this kind of issues in the
past, and it wasn't a problem, as long as it was addressed.

I am taking care of asking upstream.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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