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Re: Motif


On 06-04-13 14:30, Graham Inggs wrote:
> I think it is very late now to try and get motif into Raring with it not
> being in Debian.

Get it, and thought so.

> Paul: when you re-upload motif in NEW, will you go straight to 2.3.4-2,
> or upload 2.3.4-1 again?
> (or just to mix things up, upload 2.3.4-2 as 2.3.4-1 since 2.3.4-1 was
> never released?).

I consider 2.3.4-1 released in the sense that it is tagged as such in
our git repository. So I think I go for 2.3.4-2, but of course that
might still depend on the state of 2.3.4-2 at that time. (I think it is
nice and shiny now).


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