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Bug#706101: License problem with qpid-python

Dear QPID maintainers,

Jonas Smedegaard just sent a bug report on the Debian bug tracker,
because he believes that the qpid-python package in Debian is non-free:


Indeed, when having a look in the sepcs/* folder, we can see a LICENSE
file which contains both the Apache-2.0 and AMQP license. Though nearly
all files in that folder contains only the AMQP license header. So it is
not clear at all under which license these files are. And if they are
only licensed under the AMQP license, then they are non-free in the eyes
of Debian (the AMQP license isn't suitable for Debian).

If this issue isn't solved quickly, then the package will have to be
removed from Debian.

Also, since Debian Wheezy will be out this week-end, a lightning fast
answer from you would be really appreciated. Best case would be if we
could solve this problem before the release.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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