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Re: Debian UK

Scripsit MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop>
> Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net> wrote:

>> You are pretty much the only one who asserts that Debian UK has
>> anything at all to do with "business". Despite being asked for
>> clarification several times, you have spectacularly failed to
>> document, or even argue for, this assertion.

> As previously argued, DUS is an enterprise generating income from
> commercial sale of goods - a business.

More assertions.

> "Rest of us"? Are the lurkers supporting you in email? ;-)

No, they are supporting me telepathically. Stongly enough to punch
through my tinfoil hat.

> Yes, I've a personal axe, but it's based on this real event:
> I was told I had been made a member of a new UK unincorporated
> association based on db.d.o data. Even if it wasn't a business,
> involuntary membership violates some basic principles, including
> privacy of personal life and freedom of association.

Blah. So they allow you to vote if you care to. I'm quite sure they
don't require you to pay dues. I.e., they are unilaterally granting
you a privilege without expecting any consideration in return, so if
you don't want to vote at their meetings, just don't. End of story.

> Is DUS's involuntary membership even legal? I don't know.

Which law would prevent them from giving you a vote in their matters?
How would you enforce such a law? Do you imagine showing up at their
AGM and casting a vote, only to sue them with a claim that your own
vote should not count because you did not agree to have the right to
vote in the first place? Sheesh.

> Do you like sloppy orgs called themselves "debian"? :-/

The sloppiness seems to be purely in your mind.

Henning Makholm                         "Al lykken er i ét ord: Overvægtig!"

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