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Re: Debian UK

Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net> wrote:

> Scripsit MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop>
> > Well, there's a BIG similarity:
> > * both took the debian name for business use without consent;
> You are pretty much the only one who asserts that Debian UK has
> anything at all to do with "business". Despite being asked for
> clarification several times, you have spectacularly failed to
> document, or even argue for, this assertion.

What documentation would you like? English law does not require
private unincorporated businesses like DUS to declare anything
formal in public, but the treasurers' reports show their
business activities.

As previously argued, DUS is an enterprise generating income from
commercial sale of goods - a business. It uses volunteers and may
be a "social enterprise" in English jargon, generating money to
be used for good deeds, but it is still a business.

> The rest of us conclude that your assertion is simply false, and that

"Rest of us"? Are the lurkers supporting you in email? ;-)

> you somehow has a personal axe to grind which has no grounding in
> reality.

Yes, I've a personal axe, but it's based on this real event:
I was told I had been made a member of a new UK unincorporated
association based on db.d.o data. Even if it wasn't a business,
involuntary membership violates some basic principles, including
privacy of personal life and freedom of association.

There's an article by Wino J.M. van Veen, Associate Law Professor
of Free University of Amsterdam, in International Journal of
Not-for-profit Law online: "I am unaware of any legislation that
allows involuntary membership of an association on the basis of
the Articles of Association or other constitutive documents of
an association or other legal entity established under private
law." http://www.icnl.org/JOURNAL/vol3iss1/ar_wvPRINT.htm

Is DUS's involuntary membership even legal? I don't know.

Do you like sloppy orgs called themselves "debian"? :-/


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