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Re: Debian UK (was Re: What the DFSG really says about trademarks)

Em Qui, 2005-09-01 às 13:53 +0100, MJ Ray escreveu:
> I think there are reasons to dislike it, not enough to act on:
> * DUS was developed at a meeting for another purpose and just
> announced to those (is Cambridge the new Vancouver?).
> * It has a very weak link to the debian project.
> * Its leadership discourage and belittle democratic control -
> it looks like bureaucratic empire-building, to maximise the
> number of members but have none of the responsibilities.
> * Opt-out membership associations seem a very shady practice -
> can anyone clearly opt-out without DUS recording personal data?
> * Its beer-mat constitution does not cover some basic points.
> * I doubt the will/ability of DUS to follow regulations.
> * I don't like donations marked "debian" endangered.
> * I'm not a fan of bureaucracy or hierarchy, nor do I see the
> benefit of them for DUS.
> * I don't like DUS carrying on business as "Debian-UK".
> * DUS leaders and members suggest things are lies when they
> are actually either different opinions or true.

I see nothing on this that can be considered a Debian (as "The Debian
Project") problem, it's an internal problem of the Uk Debian Fellows
Group (as groups around the world, which has their internal problems
too), except for:

> * I don't like DUS carrying on business as "Debian-UK".

So, are you suggesting that every group around the world, such as
debian-br, which does sell branding clothes and other stuff should take
a different name?


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