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Re: Debian UK (was Re: What the DFSG really says about trademarks)

Daniel Ruoso <daniel@ruoso.com> skribis:
> So, are we going to stablish the criterias for organizations to have the
> right of using the Debian name? Like a type of fair-use?

Not me in the forseeable. spi-trademark would be the next step,
but it was just my opinion on a question you asked.

> [...] ... so ...
> Couldn't we just avoid the problem by acting reactivelly? I mean, do you
> really think that DUS is not a fair-use of the Debian trademark?

No, it's a business trading as debian, sprung on its members as
a done deal. As Phil Hands posted about DCC, it seems either
malicious or stupid and "either way I don't see how we can
trust them to be issuing statements which will be perceived by
the world to have come from the project."

> Do you realize that it will impact all user groups around which uses
> the Debian name?

Ones who are pure user groups and don't trade shouldn't be
changed. Ones who are trading on the name may need to act,
but they're in a grey area at the minute if they don't have
permission, so won't be worse off either.

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