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Re: Debian UK (was Re: What the DFSG really says about trademarks)

MJ Ray wrote:
> Daniel Ruoso <daniel@ruoso.com> skribis:
>>So, are we going to stablish the criterias for organizations to have the
>>right of using the Debian name? Like a type of fair-use?
> Not me in the forseeable. spi-trademark would be the next step,
> but it was just my opinion on a question you asked.
>>[...] ... so ...
>>Couldn't we just avoid the problem by acting reactivelly? I mean, do you
>>really think that DUS is not a fair-use of the Debian trademark?
> No, it's a business trading as debian, sprung on its members as
> a done deal. As Phil Hands posted about DCC, it seems either
> malicious or stupid and "either way I don't see how we can
> trust them to be issuing statements which will be perceived by
> the world to have come from the project."

Ah, so you're drawing a link between DCC, a group who have placed the words
Debian and Core in their name without considering the obvious consequences,
 and the group of Debian folks in the UK who have decided that it was
reasonable to refer to themselves variously as debian-uk (as in the mailing
list) or more recently, and pretty much solely for the purposes of opening
a bank account, as "The Debian UK Society".

The mailing list has been going at least five years, without anyone
complaining that the name was misleading.  At least one SPI board member is
subscribed to the list, and it is the first google hit for "Debian UK", so
we've not been making a secret of this.  The issue of the bank account has
been discussed since June 2004, and you've contributed to the discussion
throughout, so claiming that this has been done in a precipitate manner is
just nonsense.

Debian-UK hasn't issued any press releases -- If we did, they'd be
discussed in public in advance, and I cannot imagine us issuing any except
perhaps along the lines of "Software Patents stifle Innovation" or similar.
On the whole I think such things would be better coming from Debian as a
whole, unless there was an exclusively UK based issue that needed comment.

The closest you could probably get to claiming that anything has been done
in the name of The Debian UK Society would be this:


in which I was misquoted as having claimed to be "chairman ... of debian"
(Doh!), and then had my quotes mangled into ungrammatical English *sigh*.

Lesson learned -- I won't be mentioning The Debian UK Society in earshot of
the press again (but at least what was left of what I said was innocuous,
and it did get Debian a name check :-)

Anyway, so far you seem to be crying in the wilderness about this (unlike
the DCC issue, which has attracted quite a lot of comment).  This makes me
wonder at your motives.  Your recent actions don't appear to be
particularly constructive.

Cheers, Phil.

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