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Accepted bibtex2html 1.69-1 (all source) Accepted cryptokit 1.2-2 (i386 source) Accepted meta-ocaml 3.07.3 (all source) Accepted mldonkey 2.5.17-1 (i386 source) Accepted numerix 0.19-3 (i386 source all) Accepted ocamlcreal 0.4-3 (i386 source) Accepted ocamlodbc 2.7-2 (i386 source) Accepted ocaml-tools 2004.04.10-1 (all source) Accepted ocaml-tools 2004.04.25-1 (all source) Accepted ocaml-tools 2004.04.27-1 (all source) Accepted perl4caml 0.3.7-3 (i386 source all) Accepted pycaml 0.81-5 (i386 source) Accepted pycaml 0.81-6 (i386 source) Accepted pycaml 0.81-7 (i386 source) Achieve powerful e__e_r_ct|ons in seconds camel Matisses alcohdol processor Anti-spam auto-reply for Neural bibtex2html_1.69-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED boost your heaXlth boost your sehx life brand Bug#230944: marked as done (numerix_0.19-1(hppa/unstable): FTBFS: bad commands) Bug#230944: +patch, intent to NMU Bug#230945: Bug#230944: +patch, intent to NMU Bug#230945: err, patch Bug#230945: marked as done (numerix_0.19-1(ia64/unstable): FTBFS: config.guess out of date) Bug#231775: marked as done (FTBFS m68k: missing Build-Depends ocaml-native-compilers) Re: Bug#238686: Bug #238686, please help me ( mldonkey related ) Bug #238686, please help me ( mldonkey related ) Bug#242761: coq: FTBFS: waits for input Bug#242761: err, patch Bug#242761: marked as done (coq: FTBFS: waits for input) Bug#242841: ITP: mlgmp -- O'Caml bindings for the GNU multiprecision arithmetic library Bug#242842: ITP: ocamlcreal -- O'Caml library that implements exact real arithmetic Bug#242968: marked as done (OCamlMake: pabc broken) Bug#242968: ocaml-make bugs Bug#242968: OCamlMake: pabc broken Bug#243542: FTBFS on non-native archs. Bug#243542: marked as done (FTBFS on non-native archs.) Bug#243596: marked as done (OCamlMake: Fails to pass -I options to ocamldoc) Bug#243596: OCamlMake: Fails to pass -I options to ocamldoc Bug#245171: marked as done (ocaml-tools: OCamlMakefile fails to set -fPIC) Bug#245171: ocaml-tools: OCamlMakefile fails to set -fPIC Bug#245319: ITP: libocaml-sqlite-dev -- SQLite bindings for OCaml Bug#245510: marked as done (OCamlMake: LIBS not included in ncl target final link ) Bug#245510: OCamlMake: LIBS not included in ncl target final link Bug#245520: ITP: libmissinglib-ocaml-dev -- Library of utility functions for OCaml Bug#245847: advi: page movement does not work chain numerix .. meta-ocaml coq_7.3.1-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED COQ 8.0 cryptokit_1.2-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED cryptokit in ocaml-libs or not? Debian, medications without perscription for you Debian, never spend more on medications, lowest rates around !! Detection d'un virus !! ekstreme Tense Stie! tutored | codifying ENLARGE Y0RU PE|NS bridesmaid maximized Frele Viagrpa for our clients Re: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 04:52:09 -0500 Godi and Debian Installing more of OCaml Problème de licenses avec COQ Virus détecté dans le message "here is yours!" ITW (intention to work) : camlimages new version lasts for 36 hours conduce meaning of d-o-m maintainership meds meta-ocaml_3.07.3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED millennia mostly offline the next month or so ... multiple 0r_g@zm vitally drown Re: naming policy [ was uploaded ocamlgraph ] (no subject) Not expensive software, shipping worldwide, Debian! numerix_0.19-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED ocamlgsl? ocaml-tools_2004.04.10-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED ocaml-tools_2004.04.25-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED ocaml-tools_2004.04.27-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED packagin some data structures Permission to commit watch : bibtex2html... Processed: forw Processed: +patch Processed: +patch, intent to NMU Processed: Re: Bug#242761: coq: FTBFS: waits for input Processed: tags Processed: This is a bug in OCamlMake Processing of bibtex2html_1.69-1_i386.changes Processing of coq_7.3.1-3_i386.changes Processing of cryptokit_1.2-2_i386.changes Processing of meta-ocaml_3.07.3_powerpc.changes Processing of numerix_0.19-3_i386.changes Processing of ocaml-tools_2004.04.10-1_i386.changes Processing of ocaml-tools_2004.04.25-1_i386.changes Processing of ocaml-tools_2004.04.27-1_i386.changes Random segfaults on mipsel stick superseix [support #250921]: Mail Delivery (failure This is a bug in OCamlMake This is Auto Return Mail from eBANK Unison is RFA uploaded ocamlgraph [VAC] 24-27/04/2004 With CD Cheap you are the Winner! iterating ethnic The last update was on 12:22 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 183 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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