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Bug#230945: Bug#230944: +patch, intent to NMU

On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 01:17:15AM -0400, Mike Furr wrote:
> tags 230944 +patch
> tags 230945 +patch
> thanks.
> Inlcuded is a patch wich fixes both of these build problems.  I have
> sucessfully built numerix on merulo(ia64) and paer(hppa) to verify the
> patch.  Therefore I plan on making an NMU in a couple of days if I don't
> hear from you.
> In the spirit of NMUing, I tried to make them non-intrusive by just
> added an extra dpatch instead of trying to patch a dpatch :)

Mike, could you do the following : 

  Rename the patch to a non-NMU one, give it maybe a more descriptive
  name and little description, including the bug report it closes,
  something in the spirit of : 

    exit 0

    Adds a "set <part> palo on|off" option, to mark a partition as an
    HPPA/PARISC Linux boot partition. Fixes: #229626

    diff -ur parted-1.6.6-3.1.ori/doc/parted.8

  Then add yourself to uploaders, if you can commit the fix to SVN, and
  upload the thing ? numerix is a team packaged package, even if
  medwards was taking the bigger responsability of it, and you are more
  than welcome to the debian/ocaml team. No NMU normal rules apply,
  especially since medwards has been mostly MIA on this issue.


Sven Luther

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