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Re: status update of ocaml 3.06 testing transition.

Hi all,
  I was AFK yesteday and, obviously, you start discussing important
things the same day :-)

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 09:58:06AM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> I was looking at the postgresql dependencies, (perl 5.8 is not yet in
> testing for example) and noticed that libc6 2.3.1 is not yet in testing
> also, and has a page full of bugs (13 release critical, many arches out
> of sync because of bugs, ...).

Yuuuuh-uhhhhhh!!! :)

> Ocaml 3.06 depends on libc6 2.3.1 (since i had to rebuild ocaml for the
> new libc6 because it introduced incompatibilities), as does postgresql,
> so altough we sovled our problems, there is no hope of a quick testing
> migration, we have to change our plans, here are a few options :

>   o suspend the mini-freeze, and continue to work as we did.

I definitely agree, regarding mine packages: netclient is broken cause
it wasn't rebuilt after ocamlnet, pxp needs an upgrade that solved many
bugs, pcre needs an upgrade, ...

>   o postpone the libdir migration to the sucessfull testing migration.
>   o do a libdir migrated ocaml package in experimental.

Uhm ... as you wish maybe is better to fix the current situations (see
above) and then, after a stable 'unstable' status :-), go for the libdir
migration ignoring testing issues.


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