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Re: status update of ocaml 3.06 testing transition.

Hello all, ...

It is again monday, so i will send you the current transition status.

  As said previously, ocaml and all ocaml libraries are valid candidate
  since saturday or sunday. This is good news, and i would ask you all
  to continue refraining uploading changes unless it is absolutely

  But, postgresql bug #165060 is still open. A fix is proposed in the
  BTS since november 7, and has been confirmed by a sparc developer.

  This seems like good news, but there has been no action on the part of
  the postgresql maintainer, so we are stuck for an indefinite time,
  unless the maintainer uploads a fixed version, or someones does and
  NMU, and we wait for the autobuilders to catch up and the 2 days wait.

So like said, this is good news, but out of our hands.

That said, there is an alternative, which we can use if the situation
continues like that for a long duration, and that would be to ask for
the removal of Stefano's libpgsql (or whatever, i never remember the
name of this one) package from testing. If we were to do this, and the
package would be removed in timely fashion, then all ocaml stuff would
enter testing the next day, and the libpgsql library will enter testing
the day after postgresql becomes a valid candidate.

This course of action would cause problem if :

  o Stefano thinks it is a bad idea :)))

  o Someone following testing is really using libpgsql on an arch where
    postgresql is not built (sparc i think). The case where he does on
    i386 could simply be solved by installing the unstable version of
    postgresql and libpgsql.

So, what do you think about this plans ? Do we wait (a few more days) or
do we ask for the removal of libpgsql from testing ? I think it is
stefano who has to take the decision about this, based on what he sees
best for the libpgsql users.


Sven Luther

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