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Re: status update of ocaml 3.06 testing transition.

Hello all, ...

Here goes a new status report about the ocaml transition :

  o ocaml 3.06-12 has been built on all arches, it will be ready to
    enter testing as soon as it is old enough. I uploaded priority high,
    so it will need only 2 days after november 11. After 3.06 has
    entered testing, i will modify ocaml so it is priority low again.

  o postgreSQL bug #165060 is still open. A fix is proposed in the BTS
    since november 7, and has been confirmed by a sparc developer, so we
    only need to wait for a new version of postgreSQL and that it
    becomes old enough.

  o ocamlnet has been uploaded on november 2, it should be ready today
    or tomorrow to enter testing

  o pxp has been uploaded on november 4, it should be ready to enter
    testing on november 14 or 15.

So basically, if all goes well, by friday all ocaml packages would be
ready to enter testing, but we still are hostages to the postgresql


Sven Luther

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