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Re: status update of ocaml 3.06 testing transition.

Sven Luther wrote:

Good news,

Oliver responded, and he will upload postgresql today, so given that the
autobuilder do their job in timely fashion, it will be a valid candidate
in 4 days or so, probably a bit more.

That said, i now have to check if postgresql will not be hold by some of
its dependencies.

Very good!

Mmm, Apart from elmo, which seems logged but not actually there, none of
them are on IRC ATM.

i suppose elmo is james and aj is anthony. Who is neuro ?

neuro is Ryan Murray.

You can. If the bug has been resolved and Oliver is not responsive,
then PostgreSQL must be NMU'ed.

Like said, this is solved, Oliver is uploading postgreSQL.

Let's wait for postgresql to enter testing.


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