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Re: status update of ocaml 3.06 testing transition.

Sven Luther wrote:

I second this proposal. I was about to propose it today.
The idea would be to temporarily remove ocaml-pgsql from unstable, then
wait for ocaml to enter testing and finally reupload ocaml-pgsql in unstable.

No, i don't think this would be a nive thing, there is no reason for
removing it from unstable, and i think the removal from unstable or
testing takes the same action/time.

If it is the only way to unlock the current situation, we shall go for it

I don't know whether it is possible to do it without completely remove the
package from both testing and unstable. So, better ask ftpmasters.
If you have access to IRC, ask neuro, elmo or aj: it is always faster to
contact them directly.

Mmm, ok i will.

But then, i will not do it unless we get the green light from stefano.

Yes, it is entirely Stefano's decision.

But then, i just wrote to the postgresql maintainer, asking him what is
going on. Maybe there will be a postgresql resolution soon.

You can. If the bug has been resolved and Oliver is not responsive,
then PostgreSQL must be NMU'ed.


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