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Anybody working on Jide library? Apache Derby packaging Apache Derby packaging ( Was Free package of Apache Derby?) ARM support to be removed from IcedTea Re: Bug#613293: RFS: svgsalamander (updated, take 3) Bug#617803: [java-common] Java FAQ should be updated with information about the status of Java in Squeeze Bug#619327: ITP: macwidgets -- Collection of Mac style widgets written in Java ca-certificates-java and local certificates Re: Free package of Apache Derby? Fwd: gtk-look and feel for KDE SC/oxygen Hint needed for packaging library using maven Hope to hear from you its very important... How to build Clojure package Re: How to package Nuxeo DM, a Java EE application, in Ubuntu? Impact of switching to multi-arch on Java & native library handling. join debian java team Re: Netbeans update Re: Next question for help in Java packaging: beast-mcmc Panem taveejo daavanu karti jau pavisam driz!... pbuilder and ${java:Depends} RFS: abcl, new upstream release 0.25.0 Re: RFS: colorchooser RFS: flamingo RFS: gradle (new upstream release and move to unstable) RFS: groovy (new upstream releases) RFS: jansi RFS: java-xmlbuilder (new package) RFS: jets3t (new upstream release) RFS: libhibernate3-java (new upstream releases) RFS: libjsr305-java Re: RFS: libpgjava (updated package, new upstream version) RFS: libspring-java (for squeeze-backports) Re: RFS: lwjgl RFS: pauker (updated package) RFS: rsyntaxtextarea Re: RFS: squirrel-sql Re: RFS: squirrel-sql (RFH) RFS: stax-utils Re: RFS: svgsalamander (updated) Re: RFS: svgsalamander (updated, take 3) RFS: trident (updated package) Re: RFS: yui-builder The last update was on 10:18 GMT Sun Apr 23. There are 79 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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