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Re: any objections from port maintainers to make gcc-4.4 the default? Re: Autotools macro to test for pthreads fails with "Resource lost" on hurd Bug#533782: marked as done (hurd: non-standard gcc/g++ used for build (gcc-4.2)) Bug#548587: marked as done (hurd: bashisms in MAKEDEV) crosshurd_1.7.36_i386.changes ACCEPTED FTBFS aegis hurd_20090404-2_hurd-i386.changes ACCEPTED hurd_20090404-2_hurd-i386.changes REJECTED Hurd L1 iso images. hurd REMOVED from testing installation report iso's uploaded L1 DVD and mini iso L1 iso's - progress to date. L1 isos uploading L1 mini iso L1 mini iso. Duplicate packages in sid and unreleased. Maria Dielle Alyn Monta invites you to keep in touch on Multiply mini iso - crosshurd Re: Moving hurd back to Multiply: you're invited Offre de Pret a 3 % d'interet annuel Re: os-prober, grub2 and hurd-i386 pfinet, random (was: L1 mini iso) pmake: diff for NMU version 1.111-1.1 Processing of crosshurd_1.7.36_i386.changes Processing of hurd_20090404-2_hurd-i386.changes [debian-hurd-Patches][302279] firebird2 [debian-hurd-Patches][301618] FTBFS freeciv-2.0.1 [debian-hurd-Patches][303737] fsp [debian-hurd-Patches][303173] libcdio-0.76 [debian-hurd-Patches][305130] hal needs porting [debian-hurd-Patches][305130] #552386: hal needs porting [debian-hurd-Patches][310776] #481268 Patch for dbmail-2.2.10 [debian-hurd-Patches][310775] #401741 Patch for boxes-1.0.1a-2 [debian-hurd-Patches][310834] #483157 libnotify: unportable test case (debian-ports) [debian-hurd-Patches][310908] Bug#487343: boost [debian-hurd-Patches][310642] #431127: speedy-cgi-perl: shouldn't build-dep on procps on hurd-i386 [debian-hurd-Patches][312040] man-db 2.6.5 [debian-hurd-Patches][312012] #551017: imagemagick [debian-hurd-Patches][312012] [FTBFS] imagemagick [debian-hurd-Patches][312011] #550995: nss 3.12.4-1 [debian-hurd-Patches][312011] [FTBFS] nss 3.12.4-1 [debian-hurd-Patches][312017] openmpi 1.3.3 [debian-hurd-Patches][312017] #552397: openmpi 1.3.3 [debian-hurd-Patches][312018] #552383: boost 1.40.0 [debian-hurd-Patches][312018] boost 1.40.0 [debian-hurd-Patches][312023] pam 1.1.0 [debian-hurd-Patches][312023] #552043: pam 1.1.0 [debian-hurd-Patches][312037] #553409: freeglut 2.4.0 [debian-hurd-Patches][312037] freeglut 2.4.0 [debian-hurd-Patches][312038] openslp-dfsg 1.2.1 [debian-hurd-Patches][312039] avahi 0.6.25 [debian-hurd-Patches][311002] Bug#494839: gdb [debian-hurd-Patches][311756] Bug#533513: [FTBFS] graphicsmagick 1.3.5-5 (debian-ports) [debian-hurd-Patches][311701] [FTBFS] #531609 globus-common 10.2-4 (debian-ports) [debian-hurd-Patches][311549] #320736 jack-audio-connection-kit (debian-ports) [debian-hurd-Patches][311571] Bug#522100: pulseaudio FTBFS (debian-ports) [debian-hurd-Patches][311690] #552393: consolekit 0.3.1 [debian-hurd-Patches][311690] consolekit 0.3.0 [debian-hurd-Patches][311690] consolekit 0.3.1 [debian-hurd-Patches][311695] FTBFS vala 0.7.2-1 (PATH_MAX) Venha participar de Pequenos Empreendedores & Grandes Negócios! Eurorest: Adresse d'expédition du chèque hôtelier Eurorest manquante Eurorest: Attribution des nuits d'hôtel gratuites XZ utils fails to build from source on hurd/x86 The last update was on 20:09 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 160 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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