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L1 DVD and mini iso

Both are rather rough, but work, usually.

Tarball/baseGNU/mini iso.
References to util-linux and insserv were removed from unreleased 
Packages(gz) forcing the build to use the .deb's in sid.
native-install was modified to ensure that insserv was installed before 
The network configured using 
-fg settrans /servers/socket/2 /hurd/pfinet -i eth0 ...
note  -fg  NOT -fgap which fails with that error I reported.

The DVD.
The ../dists directory had to be moved to the front of the DVD.  The old 
problem of not being able to read to the end of the DVD is still there.  
This occurs when using apt-cdrom add.
However, when apt-get is installing from the cdrom there is no problem.
I created /cdrom
Then mounted the disc,     settrans -a /cdrom /hurd/iso9660fs /dev/hd2
Then got the Packages             apt-cdrom -d /cdrom get
Then apt-get install mc      a mass of additional packages was installed.

I want to have a break from the Hurd iso's so I am proposing to upload the 
two images "as is"  with some modification of Cook-book.  Or would people 
prefer to wait two or three weeks when I will have time to polish up the 


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