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Re: installation report

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 10:29:34PM +0000, Robert Lemmen wrote:
>   - apparently it tries to create a /etc/fstab for me, which fails with a
>     "Couldn't determine root partition, sorry".

Hrm, that seems to be a new bug.

>   - if i try to run nano it gives me a "Error opening terminal: unknown"

That is expected for the single-user mode, at least on the first bootup;
you can work around it by running "export TERM=mach" e.g.

> - hurd comes up ok, but can't login because i don't know the password,
>   so rebooted into linux and set something in /etc/shadow

That one has been reported by Philip Charles as well; we need to figure
out what is causing this.

> - something wrong with my fstab however, if i enter a swap partition there and
>   do a "swapon -a" it fails, looks like i have no /dev/hd0s2. in fact i only 
>   had a /dev/hd0... after the restart i could run MAKEDEV myself without 
>   problems, so that fixes this
>   i think the original makedev problem was that it could not figure out what my
>   root fs was, so that variable was not set...

Yeah, I guess so.

> so summing up: quite smooth except for the makedev thing and the fact
> that there is no root password set, i'll look into the makedev problem
> next time!

thanks again for the follow-up,


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