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L1 iso's - progress to date.

A complete DVD iso can be produced ready for burning.  Considerable tuning 
still needs to be done.

At this stage the network configuration looks possible.  It has not been 
fully checked out yet.

MAKEDEV still has crippling bashisms.  login still needs Bruno's hack.  
Both these utilities are supplied by the Hurd package.

The major show-stopper is DVD read failures.  This problem is from way 
back 2-3 years?  Please note that this occurs on my test machine which has 
installed many Linux distribution DVDs this year with no problems, so it 
is not a hardware problem!
Files at the start of the DVD are accessed with no problem.  However, 
files at the end of the DVD cannot be accessed.  If the end files are 
moved to the start of the disc, then there is no problem accessing them, 
but there is a problem with those which have now been moved to the end.  
So there is no problem with the files. 
Sorry about the rather lengthy description, but we must clearly identify 
the problem.  The Hurd cannot access files toward the end of a DVD.

My theory is that /hurd/iso9660fs (or whatever) has a too short a timeout 
setting for accessing DVD files.  The time taken to access a physical 
drive is much greater that a loop mounted iso image.  As people can 
understand, this problem causes me much frustration and greatly reduces 
the quality of the iso's.

Todo.  Revise documentation.
		Recreate install.sh and gui.sh
		Revise the package lists for baseGNU  (Crosshurd lists)
		Workout a sensible order for package placement on the iso sets.
		AND the things I have forgotten.

I am away all of next week, Monday to Saturday.


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