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[bts-link] source package glibc Bug#154401: Requested news Bug#329126: marked as done (please add conflict with sarge gawk to post-sarge libc6) Bug#380667: marked as done (proftpd: client sees UTC file dates despite "TimesGMT off") Bug#398016: marked as done (segfault (segmentation fault) in libc6 dlopen functions with xine library) Bug#432616: Spycam available for free viewing Bug#462444: marked as done (glibc: Please add symbols files for libc6) Bug#466340: marked as done (Some conversions to ISO-2022-JP produce invalid text) Bug#485165: marked as done (glibc: FTBFS when converted to new source format 3.0 (quilt): patch files contained in tarballs) Bug#487104: nis: map values containing non-ascii characters vanish Bug#489906: glibc: tst-regex fails on hppa Bug#490622: marked as done (please generate zoneinfo files in file format known by openjdk/sun-java) Bug#491686: Epiphany freeze Bug#492778: *context Bug#493016: libc6: ldd doesn't work with ACLs Bug#493231: locale names are not in alphabetical order in locales.postinst Bug#493231: marked as done (locale names are not in alphabetical order in locales.postinst) Bug#493751: Doesn't detect any device Bug#493978: marked as done (tzconfig compatibility script considered helpful) Bug#493978: tzconfig compatibility script considered helpful Bug#494313: tzdata: Please do not use hard links Bug#494468: Analysis Bug#494468: locales: Postist violates Debian policy (10.7.3) by not preserving changes to /etc/locale.gen Bug#494513: marked as done (Uninstallable: unable to make backup link) Bug#494513: Uninstallable: unable to make backup link Bug#494776: libc6-i686 (etch): /etc/ is created and NOT removed Bug#494776: marked as done (libc6-i686 (etch): /etc/ is created and NOT removed) Bug#494825: Generating locales failes Bug#494825: marked as done (Generating locales failes ) Bug#494908: glibc_2.8+20080809-1(hppa/experimental): FTBFS: No rule to make target `/build/buildd/glibc-2.8+20080809/build-tree/hppa-libc/linuxthreads/ ptw-write.o' Bug#495007: libc6: getaddrinfo_a causes SetFault in amd64 version Bug#495007: libc6: getaddrinfo_a causes SetFault in amd64 version Bug#495494: marked as done (nl_langinfo() returns ANSI_X3.4-1968 instead of UTF-8) Bug#495494: nl_langinfo() returns ANSI_X3.4-1968 instead of UTF-8 Bug#496165: [nscd] has a problem with case sensitivity - caches wrong result Bug#496494: [libc6] gdb fail to debug with a dlopen() call Bug#496494: (no subject) Re: Bug#496915: [base-files] Modifications related to GSoC project PamNssInstaller Bug#496929: After testi Bug#496929: locales: The default locale only applies on one among the six consoles [Bug libc/6843] getaddrinfo_a segfaults Companies that will win Company ha,s growth potetinal Re: correct definition of localhost? dirname() trailing slash Segfault bug free credit reports glibc 2.7-13 MIGRATED to testing Otdelka pomewenij fasadnym i cokol'nym sajdingom Parents raid the piggy bank Possible problems in your Debian packages Processed: bug 495007 is forwarded to Processed: found 435595 in 2.3.6.ds1-11 Processed: new email address Processed: notfound 435595 in 2.6-5 Processed: reassign 122874 to tzdata Processed: Re: Bug#487104: nis: map values containing non-ascii characters vanish Processed: Re: Bug#492856: Panic or segfault in Samba Processed: Re: Bug#493016: libc6: ldd doesn't work with ACLs Processed: Re: Bug#493751: Doesn't detect any device Processed: Re: Bug#496915: [base-files] Modifications related to GSoC project PamNssInstaller Processed: Re: Bug#496929: locales: The default locale only applies on one among the six consoles Processed: retitle 494468 to Postinst violates Debian policy (10.7.3) by not preserving changes to /etc/locale.gen Processed: severity of 495007 is normal Processed: tagging 162576 Processed: tagging 295173 Processed: tagging 466340 Processed: tagging 485165 Processed: tagging 492778 Processed: tagging 493751 Processed: tagging 493978 Processed: tagging 494908 Processed: Tagging a few bugs help r3033 - glibc-package/trunk/debian r3035 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/kfreebsd r3036 - in tzdata/branches/glibc-branch-etch/debian: . patches r3037 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/mips r3039 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/hppa patches/sparc r3040 - glibc-package/trunk/debian r3043 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/hppa r3044 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian/patches: . hppa r3046 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/ r3047 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . rules.d r3048 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian r3049 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian r3050 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . patches patches/localedata r3051 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . patches patches/alpha r3052 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . patches patches/any patches/arm r3053 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian r3055 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . patches patches/locale r3056 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8: . debian debian/ r3058 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . patches/any r3059 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian r3060 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . rules.d testsuite-checking r3061 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . r3062 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . rules.d r3063 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . r3064 - tzdata/trunk/debian r3066 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/any r3067 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . patches/localedata r3068 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/rules.d r3069 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3070 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/patches: . alpha r3071 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3072 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . patches patches/alpha r3073 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/patches: . alpha r3074 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/rules.d r3075 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3076 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3077 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/sysdeps r3078 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/sysdeps r3079 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3080 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: rules.d sysdeps r3081 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3082 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . patches patches/kfreebsd r3083 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . rules.d r3084 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/patches: alpha any localedata r3086 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . patches patches/hurd-i386 sysdeps r3087 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3088 - glibc-package/trunk/debian/patches/hurd-i386 r3089 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/patches r3090 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3092 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3093 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/patches: . hurd-i386 r3094 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . patches patches/hurd-i386 r3095 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: rules.d testsuite-checking r3096 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/patches: . hurd-i386 r3098 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/sysdeps r3099 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/hurd-i386 r3100 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/patches/hurd-i386 r3101 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3102 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/testsuite-checking r3103 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . rules.d sysdeps r3104 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . sysdeps r3105 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/testsuite-checking r3106 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3107 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . patches patches/any patches/kfreebsd r3108 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . testsuite-checking r3109 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian r3110 - glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian/patches/hurd-i386 r3111 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . sysdeps r3112 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . sysdeps testsuite-checking r3113 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8/debian: . r3114 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/any patches/kfreebsd r3115 - glibc-package/trunk/debian r3116 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/kfreebsd reassign 122874 to tzdata tzdata 2008e-2 MIGRATED to testing tzdata 2008e-3 MIGRATED to testing Rock Riders - Motociclismo não tem idade e é um estado de espírito YALG post - Yet Another post - What's the TRUTH? Re: YALG post - Yet Another post - What's the TRUTH? The last update was on 14:19 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 182 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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