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Re: Debian on the Desktop - plans for Lenny?

You're right, but I thought you argued about Etch. Btw, the idea is
replace xine with gstreamer as default backend, but we've quite some
time until freeze, meanwhile I would recommend you stay tuned for
tasksel updates and switch to totem-gstreamer and install the 0.10
plugins, all of them that are available in testing.

I just updated to the newest desktop task.  Curiously, when I ran tasksel I saw a new "print server" option which was selected by default.  Is this packages that were split off from the desktop task?  Because I did deselect it, and many packages were deselected relating to printing.  Additionally, lvm2 was removed, and I had to re-add it.  Was it really intended to get rid of the LVM tools from the desktop task?


P.S. Mysteriously, though I can now play back everything with gstreamer, playing trailers in my web browser requires me to pause and press play again to get them to start.  Is this a known issue?

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